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We all have a path to follow - mine is designed for you.

You have found a safe place to honor your true divinity. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance through readings, Soul Healing, Akashic Record Readings or finding the perfect crystals that call out to your soul, I am here to guide you. Welcome home, beautiful soul. 

What is your Soul craving?


All of our crystals are ethically sourced from trusted miners, personally hand selected, and never carry stagnant energy. Every crystal is activated to the resonance of your soul, blessed and charged with the highest frequency for the best and highest good for all. We respect the soul of the stone and you will see and feel the difference.


Downloadable audio

Meditations, affirmations, light codes and other sound therapies are available at your fingertips. Download and listen wherever, and whenever, you need.


Get an Oracle reading and channeling session, Akashic Reading, Akashic Property Reading, Soul Healing Reading or Crystal Connection reading to help guide you along your sacred path.

Relaxing with Music


Apryl is a truly gifted Psychic Medium, Ascended Master of Soul Restoration, Blue Ray Starseed and Crystal Guardian. She has mastered her trade and has spent lifetimes evolving and serving the collective. Her soul path and mission is not to serve herself but, to hold immense amounts of light and radiate it out into the world for much needed Ascension. She has an innate ability to hear the words from the soul of the stone and connect that to the soul of the human - making your crystal experience truly impactful. Apryl devotes her time and energy listening to what your soul needs, acknowledging every aspect of that and guides you with the most loving experience you have ever experienced. See for your self - you have found an open door of acceptance, love and encouragement.


"Highly highly recommend a reading with Apryl. I’ve had numerous readings throughout my life and this was one of the best (if not best) I’ve ever experienced. Apryl was such a clear channel for the messages coming through from my guides. I was so touched and uplifted by the messages coming through that I got emotional! She truly touched my heart and I am so grateful I met Apryl. I will definitely be back for another reading :)"

Kristin W., USA

Akashic Reading

WOWZER! I am so glad I had my Akashic Reading done! Everything makes so much sense! I am so glad that I did this because I now know why I was so interested in certain things and go figure, its my soul purpose! I now know my soul origin, my path in this lifetime, what type of life I am living (scholar) and I have my PHD and still taking classes. haha. I know that I am a twin flame and my husband is my twin. I could go on but all I can really say is: 



Akashic Property



THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! Not only, does my home feel so much better, my family are no longer on edge. My business is thriving and my employees are so happy! So glad I did both clearings! 

What really hit home was my home was listed as a burial ground, I never told her that, but she found it and that is why my family was sad all the time and confused. Just wow!

Soul Restoration

I had no idea how much a tear in my soul could affect my life. I now know, and wow! I felt Apryl enter my body - it felt so peaceful and calm yet so full of light, I could feel the tingling as she was repairing my faucets and when she was done it was like a gentle hug. After the information really blew me away and explained so much. 

I am so grateful for this experience and what has transpired since my first (of 3 sessions) just blew me away. I highly recommend  this service.

Crystalline Tool Reading

Ok, at first I was skeptical, we had a phone conversation and she literally just listened, then she said ok I feel ... and these are the crystals you should be working with at this time. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW RIGHT SHE WAS! She selected the most beautiful crystals and when they arrived, it was such a beautiful energy, each one had a vibration I have never felt and all I can say is you are missing out if you do not get crystals from her.


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