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I have been on my journey since I was a little girl, being very in-tune with the world around me and sensitive to energy.

I have since undergone vigorous studies and am now trained as Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Communication and Healing, Crystal Light Therapy, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Spiritual Awakening, Goddess Activation, Transformational Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching and Power of Presence, Empowerment Coaching.


I am a developed and honest Medium and Crystal Guardian which means that I have a direct connection to each crystal. Each Crystalline tool holds a unique vibration that connects to specific souls. This is quite interesting to encounter, it is as if the crystal itself connects through me and will vibrate at a certain rate, once it has made its connection to a soul, it will tell me by pulsating in my hand. If, I will cross paths with its intended soul, it will pulsate at a fast pace, if I will not, it will stop altogether. This makes for one of the most powerful connections to my crystalline tribe.  As a crystal guardian, I have an ability to download the stones metaphysical healing information. Thus, never having to undergo studies to learn each crystalline tool I have to offer. Weird right? Many years ago I would have thought this was all a farce. Today, myself and my clients trust the information I have downloaded. This is by far one of my most humbling gifts. 


There is so much more that I could say about myself, but there is really not enough room here, so check out my blogs for tidbits of who I am and get to know me! 


 I am honored you have found your way home, for I am the guide for your Wandering Soul. 

"Just got my package today and everything was individually wrapped. Everything was protected and I’m more than happy with my crystals!! Very good quality and so easy to work with!"

Becky O.

"April was such a clear channel for the messages coming through from my guides. I was so touched and uplifted that I got emotional! She truly touched my heart and I am so grateful."

Kristin W.

"Received a mini reading and it was awesome! Very easy to talk with and explained things in detail. I would definitely use April again and planning on it. Thank you!"

Becky K.

"Use this shoppe. It is incredible and the crystals and great quality. I cannot say enough good things about this place. You get way more for your money here!!!"

Brent S.



A Crystal Guardian is the protector of the stone. As a Crystal Guardian Apryl is personally intertwined with every Crystal she holds while awaiting their perfect home.

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