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Let It GO - Detachment Coaching

You've carried the weight way too long - let the baggage go.

  • 1 hour
  • 33 US dollars
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Service Description

Let it Go! - Coaching Detachment Have you ever been told, or better yet, told yourself “Just let it go!” The thing is we say it, but do we actually, let that sh!t go? Typically, and in my case, NOPE! I sure didn’t. What did I do… suppressed it, let it build up so much that I exploded, or even tried to escape it. What is the “it” I am referring you ask, well, simply put - EMOTIONS! When you get angry at someone. When you are put down and now feel a lack of worth. When you try that one business deal and it turned out bad. When you were cheated on. When you have a loss so unbearably tough, you are surrounded in sadness and grief. Well, what does this do to you? Holding on to all the emotions, feelings, and situations… they come back and haunt you, over and over and over again! ITS TIME TO LET THAT SHIT GO! I will teach you how to free yourself from this turmoil and live in true happiness and peace. I will show you and guarantee if you absolutely do the work you can have positive vibes flowing your way with out effort. It can be yours and I know just how to get you there! YES, it’s true! YES, you can be happy again! YES, you will have good things flowing to you in abundance YES, you will feel lighter IN 30 days, that’s just one month! You can have all this and more! As long as YOU decide that you want to truly be happy, it will require you to be honest and do the work. It will require persistence, ownership and vulnerability. But, the proof is in the pudding’, and I got just the flavor you’re craving! And the amazing thing is, you don’t have to spend ton of money up front! I have decided to allow you to pay as you play. Pay for one session at a time for only $33! YES! You can do this! I believe in you, you got a friend in me, and I have your back, yo!

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