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Outdoor landscape photo of Sedona Arizona, big orange and dusty redrocks stand tall agains

Soul Retreats

Empower | Enlighten | Thrive

Empowerment, healing, and soul searching await you.

These retreats are hosted personally by Apryl and the Wandering Soul Center. 

Each retreat is all-inclusive and exclusive to a limited number of guests at each event. The experiences are spirit driven and developed to provide a unique in-person growth opportunity and connection with other members of our soul tribe.


Upcoming retreat dates

June 3rd-8th 2022

Sedona, Arizona
$1111 total | $222 deposit, $177.80 monthly/x5

September TBD 2022

Sedona, Arizona
$1111 total | $222 deposit, $177.80 monthly/x5

Each day you will have a preplanned itinerary that includes:

Meals breakfast and dinner

This is a preselected meal system that is catered to spiritual nutrition.

release ceremony

By releasing what is holding us back we rise, rise as ONE!

Empowerment circle

We rise by lifting each other up, together we empower, and we HEAL!

individual healing

Experience one-on-one light healing from Apryl, the only certified light therapist in Arizona.


There is strength with in each one of use and through light yoga and stretch work we will grow stronger TOGETHER!

group healing

Together we'll practice meditation, induldge in sound baths, and reiki healing.

Interior view of the cabin in Sedona, Arizona; we see a clean space, granite countertops,

why invest in yourself?

You're Worth IT!

Your personal Soul journey is as unique and special as you are. You owe it to yourself to indulge in this ULTIMATE experience of empowerment, healing, and soul recognition!

Apryl has developed an EXCLUSIVE experience for you to take part in.

A note from Apryl

You may be wondering, why were you selected?

I was guided to offer these retreats to a select number of souls. Should you find yourself here, Congratulations!

Your soul called out and I believe that you are capable, worthy, and STRONG.

Come join us for this Empower, Enlighten, and Thrive Soul Retreat!

I love you, Apryl

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A photo of Apryl, outside, in Sedona, Arizona. She is wearing her hair up and is in a beig

I want to join a retreat!

Important Note: Retreat availability is limited and spots are first come first serve.

Once submitting, you must complete the registration steps sent to your provided email.

See you soon!

June 3rd-8th 2022

Sedona, Arizona

September TBD 2022

Sedona, Arizona


I got your retreat request! Please check your inbox and complete registration and make your deposit.

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